Amongst the excitement and frenzy of wedding planning, a man’s wedding band tends to be one of the smallest yet one of the most significant elements involved. The importance of the wedding band is very much the same as the women’s engagement ring and wedding ring; this ring will be worn by the man for the rest of their life, symbolising the important commitment that has been made to his lifelong partner.

Due to the significance of this wedding band, there should no doubt be a more thoughtful process involved when making the ultimate choice for the groom’s wedding band. Some things to take into consideration when purchasing the wedding band are simple such as the groom’s taste and style. However, there are also other factors that should be considered when purchasing a wedding band such as the groom’s occupation and whether to match the bride and groom’s wedding bands.

How to buy the perfect ring?

Best is to buy from jewellery stores like Joseph George Jewellery and Larsen Jewellery, where they take pride in their personalised customer service which provides customers with all information and details they need prior to making a final decision.

Melbourne based Joseph George Jewellery has an extensive range of unique designs for all kinds of preferences, or, if you have a custom idea in mind, and offers customised services also, working off a sketch. For peace of mind, they also use 3D (CAD) design for precision and offer a design photo for approval prior to final production. All of Joseph George’s rings for men are hand assembled and finished with care so that their customers’ result is exactly how originally envisioned. Melbourne is a friendly city rich in culture and individuality, and Joseph George Jewellery thrives on this. Their passion is to welcome all people from various walks of life to come into Joseph George Jewellery and help them find the perfectly matched wedding band for your special day.

Larsen Jewellery understands their customers’ commitment to their life-long partners, and are honoured to be involved in the process, which is why we offer a constant collaboration during the design process of rings. The quality in the male rings of Larsen Jewellery is second to none, and they treat each product individually as a work of art as they believe nothing less should be representative of men’s lifelong love and commitment with their partner.


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