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The global shapewear market is largely driven by the upwardly mobile fitness conscious women and men, particularly with a leg in the sports industry. For instance, shapewear has replaced gym wear, and compression wear is the segment that is contributing to the growing shapewear market.

Modern fabrics and advanced designs

The growth in demand for shapewear has also encouraged the manufacturers to introduce modern fabrics and advanced designs to cater to the tastes of a diverse market. More innovative vendors are even introducing exclusive shapewear lines with varying properties for specific applications. These advancements, in turn, have helped the shapewear and compression wear segments. Another variant within the shapewear space is the skin tight apparels that are believed to help promote blood circulation and stabilise muscles due to the pressure on certain parts of the body. Compression apparels are also believed to enhance stamina and body balance and control body temperature. The global geriatric population also contributes in a significant measure to the growth of compression wear/shapewear.

In choosing shapewear, the first thing is to distinguish between shapewear for the summer days and those for the colder days. The next consideration is your body shape. Generally speaking, human body shapes fall into some five distinct categories and more so for women. Choosing your shapewear gets a lot easier when you have a good understanding of your body shape. Here is a brief description of the different body shapes.


Apple body

Ladies with the Apple body shape have a round tummy and great legs. A high waist shaping panty is a perfect solution to reduce the waist and flatten the stomach. Seamless shapers with optimal strength fabrication can give you comfort and control, and the absence of seams will ensure that you are free from skin irritation.

Pear Body

Women with this shape often have a slender waist and large thighs and bottom. Choose a seamless thigh shaper, and you will experience your thighs trimming down. You can also choose a full body shaper that has straps and experiences the ultimate in your sleek silhouette. The underbust shaper, on the other hand, will roll down the waist and more so when that is without the straps.


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Women with an hourglass body tend to have well-balanced hips and bust with the slender waist. These women can benefit significantly from shapewear by reducing bulges and tightening the curves. The full body underbust shaper will be helpful in getting ultimate curve control and smooth hips for these women.

Rectangle body

Ladies with this body shape tend to have well-balanced proportions but not the well-defined waist. Shapewear for these ladies will focus on creating illusionary curves. A great solution would be the underbust thong shaper as this would clinch to the wait and emphasise the bottom.

Now that you are knowledgeable on how to pick the best shapewear to suit you let us turn to some of the best shop bear brands/locations across Australia.

B Free Australia

B Free is well known in Australia for creating lingerie pieces helped by reviews and feedbacks from customers across age profiles. Regular wear trials help them to constantly innovate and improve the product range. B Free body shapers are available online and through stockists across Australia. Easy delivery and quick returns are the hallmarks of B Free.

Nancy Ganz

Nancy Ganz is a well-known brand with Australia wide presence. The brand has successfully revolutionised the shapewear and intimate apparel space by introducing Hip Slip. Designed in Australia and employing the latest in technical expertise and fabric technology, you can rely on Nancy Ganz when it comes to enhancing the natural assets women have. Nancy Ganz shapewear products are easily available across Australia in all leading women’s apparel stores.

David Jones

David Jones is another leading name in the Australian Shapewear industry and has been the trusted go-to destination for nearly two centuries now. With 35 stores and two warehouse outlets across the nation, it is never a challenge to get your pick. You also have the convenience of buying David Jones brand of shapewear online.

Global Bras N Things

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Global Brasnthings is another leading name in fashion lingerie and women’s apparel with over 172 stores across the nation and South Africa and New Zealand. The brand offers the innovative range of playwear, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear that comes with high-style, best elements and comfort. Designers at Bras N Things create a wide array of styles continuously to have you covered for every aspiration that you may have.


Bellabodies is another well known Australian brand with over a decade of experience and expertise in the art of women’s apparel with the specific emphasis on shapewear and bamboo collections. To enjoy a super comfy and great fit, Bellabodies has risen to be the go-to destination for Australians.

I Do

I Do bring over ten years of experience as a go-to destination for brides in particular. Apart from the state of the art shapewear in the Australian market, you will find plenty of other useful information here to make your big day truly special.

Fantastic Lingerie

Fantasie lingerie is a European brand, and you can use this store locator to find a store nearest to you. They produce as many as seven brands and are available in more than 20 countries around the globe.

While the shapewear products to help you to give the perfect looks, you should also spare a thought to when and how to use it. Here is a useful resource that will keep you informed about various health risks associated with shapewear.

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