Want to buy an expensive fishing rod. Stick with spinner? Or switch to baitcaster?

As a fishing enthusiast, when you are out shopping for an expensive casting or spinning fishing rod, it helps to understand the difference between the two variants so that you can make informed decisions. The fishing rod you choose is important enhance the performance of the composite fishing equipment that you use and a perfect match between the rod and reel is the first step in this direction. The choice of fishing rods is largely between a baitcaster and a spinning rod. These two variants are significantly different from the other and it helps to understand the drawbacks and benefits of each of them so that you can determine what is best suited for you. Other than having carefully selected the best fishing rod that best suits the Australian conditions, it also helps if you use fish finders and depth finders for the first few weeks.
If you are a beginner, you should also know that fishing rods made for baitcasting reels and spinning reels have definite differences and your preference largely determines the combination you wish to buy. For beginners, in particular, spinning set up calls for minimal learning curve while the baitcasting rods do need a more focused learning but the benefits far outweigh the challenges during the training.

Understanding a spinning rod

When a fish is pulling on your fishing line, the spinning rod bends, due to the force of the pulling, and all eyelets are pointing down. The spinning reel is suspended beneath the rod and typically, the handle is on the weaker hand of the angler. Therefore, a fisherman who is right handed will have his strong arm firmly on the spinning rod while the reel is operated with his left hand. Spinning rods come in different sizes and types. You can choose between light action/ medium heavy/ or heavy spinning rod depending on your personal preference and deployment.

Spinning rod – advantages and disadvantages

As mentioned above, spinning rod makes it easier for beginners to go fishing since it has a spinning reel. Many of the baitcasting reels presently available in the market use centrifugal or magnetic cast controls. At times, this can cause some amount of frustration since learning curve necessary can impact your fishing time. Anglers hold the spinning line against a spinning rod with the index finger. The bail is then flipped to free the line and get it ready for casting. At the right moment of propulsion of the rod, the line is relaxed to allow the bait or lure to fly. On completion of the cast, the fisherman will either flip the reel back using his hand or start reeling so that the bail can be flipped. An angler is never worried of the line once he lets the line go off and till completion of the cast. That brings us to the question why every fisherman does not use the spinning reel and rod. The simple answer is that the casting set up has several benefits although it is tougher to master. Baitcasting spools also allow the line to come off naturally and straight opposed to the spools of the spinning reel that often tends to twist the line.

Understanding the casting rod

The working of casting rods is exactly opposite the working of spinning rods. When a fish pulls on the line feed through the casting rod, the rod bends and the eyelets are facing up. For anglers used to spinning rods only, this could perhaps seem pretty unnatural, though the casting rods use the eyelets more effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages of casting rods

The advantages and disadvantages of a casting rod is a direct comparison with the spinning rods. For anglers who are not initiated with the casting rod can find it a big challenge learning to use the casting rod. The line will keep backlashing inside the casting reel till the learning curve is completed. The learning curve may also involve more frustration since the line may need frequent change with associated expenses. But, once the learning curve is successfully completed, the advantages of the casting rod will begin to show up in comparison to the spinning setup. The eyelets on the casting rod get pushed by the line and force them into the rod opposed to being pulled away from the rod in the case of a spinning reel. Likewise, the eyelets are unlikely to break due to the force when you use casting rods since the casting rod supports them.
Casting reels help the line to roll from the spool while on a spinning reel, the line comes up off the spool lip. Consequently, friction is created against the lip and the line of the spool slowing each cast prematurely. Baitcasting reels, on the other hand, rolls smooth and with practice, an angler learns to get significant casting distance.


In many ways, baitcasting rods offer significantly better performance in comparison to the spinning rods. However, this does not mean that you cannot expect value and high performance from spinning rods. For beginners, the spinning rods are a better choice because of the experience it can provide. Once the anglers have gained adequate experience with the spinning rods, they can switch to the casting rods for better value for money. Most of the advanced anglers have started their journey with spinning rods and moved up to casting rods later on their path. Further, advanced technology ensures that spinning rods deliver significantly enhanced performance and anglers who are just about beginning their fishing journey would hardly get to notice any major difference. As with most other sports and hobbies, knowledge is a powerful tool that can enhance your experience as well as the outcome.

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The Rise of Customised Wedding Rings for Men

Amongst the excitement and frenzy of wedding planning, a man’s wedding band tends to be one of the smallest yet one of the most significant elements involved. The importance of the wedding band is very much the same as the women’s engagement ring and wedding ring; this ring will be worn by the man for the rest of their life, symbolising the important commitment that has been made to his lifelong partner.

Due to the significance of this wedding band, there should no doubt be a more thoughtful process involved when making the ultimate choice for the groom’s wedding band. Some things to take into consideration when purchasing the wedding band are simple such as the groom’s taste and style. However, there are also other factors that should be considered when purchasing a wedding band such as the groom’s occupation and whether to match the bride and groom’s wedding bands.

How to buy the perfect ring?

Best is to buy from jewellery stores like Joseph George Jewellery and Larsen Jewellery, where they take pride in their personalised customer service which provides customers with all information and details they need prior to making a final decision.

Melbourne based Joseph George Jewellery has an extensive range of unique designs for all kinds of preferences, or, if you have a custom idea in mind, and offers customised services also, working off a sketch. For peace of mind, they also use 3D (CAD) design for precision and offer a design photo for approval prior to final production. All of Joseph George’s rings for men are hand assembled and finished with care so that their customers’ result is exactly how originally envisioned. Melbourne is a friendly city rich in culture and individuality, and Joseph George Jewellery thrives on this. Their passion is to welcome all people from various walks of life to come into Joseph George Jewellery and help them find the perfectly matched wedding band for your special day.

Larsen Jewellery understands their customers’ commitment to their life-long partners, and are honoured to be involved in the process, which is why we offer a constant collaboration during the design process of rings. The quality in the male rings of Larsen Jewellery is second to none, and they treat each product individually as a work of art as they believe nothing less should be representative of men’s lifelong love and commitment with their partner.


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Fashion & Trends

Best selling shapewear brands in Australia

Lifesaving body shapers that will shape your body

girl in gym wear

The global shapewear market is largely driven by the upwardly mobile fitness conscious women and men, particularly with a leg in the sports industry. For instance, shapewear has replaced gym wear, and compression wear is the segment that is contributing to the growing shapewear market.

Modern fabrics and advanced designs

The growth in demand for shapewear has also encouraged the manufacturers to introduce modern fabrics and advanced designs to cater to the tastes of a diverse market. More innovative vendors are even introducing exclusive shapewear lines with varying properties for specific applications. These advancements, in turn, have helped the shapewear and compression wear segments. Another variant within the shapewear space is the skin tight apparels that are believed to help promote blood circulation and stabilise muscles due to the pressure on certain parts of the body. Compression apparels are also believed to enhance stamina and body balance and control body temperature. The global geriatric population also contributes in a significant measure to the growth of compression wear/shapewear.

In choosing shapewear, the first thing is to distinguish between shapewear for the summer days and those for the colder days. The next consideration is your body shape. Generally speaking, human body shapes fall into some five distinct categories and more so for women. Choosing your shapewear gets a lot easier when you have a good understanding of your body shape. Here is a brief description of the different body shapes.


Apple body

Ladies with the Apple body shape have a round tummy and great legs. A high waist shaping panty is a perfect solution to reduce the waist and flatten the stomach. Seamless shapers with optimal strength fabrication can give you comfort and control, and the absence of seams will ensure that you are free from skin irritation.

Pear Body

Women with this shape often have a slender waist and large thighs and bottom. Choose a seamless thigh shaper, and you will experience your thighs trimming down. You can also choose a full body shaper that has straps and experiences the ultimate in your sleek silhouette. The underbust shaper, on the other hand, will roll down the waist and more so when that is without the straps.


Model in shapwear

Women with an hourglass body tend to have well-balanced hips and bust with the slender waist. These women can benefit significantly from shapewear by reducing bulges and tightening the curves. The full body underbust shaper will be helpful in getting ultimate curve control and smooth hips for these women.

Rectangle body

Ladies with this body shape tend to have well-balanced proportions but not the well-defined waist. Shapewear for these ladies will focus on creating illusionary curves. A great solution would be the underbust thong shaper as this would clinch to the wait and emphasise the bottom.

Now that you are knowledgeable on how to pick the best shapewear to suit you let us turn to some of the best shop bear brands/locations across Australia.

B Free Australia

B Free is well known in Australia for creating lingerie pieces helped by reviews and feedbacks from customers across age profiles. Regular wear trials help them to constantly innovate and improve the product range. B Free body shapers are available online and through stockists across Australia. Easy delivery and quick returns are the hallmarks of B Free.

Nancy Ganz

Nancy Ganz is a well-known brand with Australia wide presence. The brand has successfully revolutionised the shapewear and intimate apparel space by introducing Hip Slip. Designed in Australia and employing the latest in technical expertise and fabric technology, you can rely on Nancy Ganz when it comes to enhancing the natural assets women have. Nancy Ganz shapewear products are easily available across Australia in all leading women’s apparel stores.

David Jones

David Jones is another leading name in the Australian Shapewear industry and has been the trusted go-to destination for nearly two centuries now. With 35 stores and two warehouse outlets across the nation, it is never a challenge to get your pick. You also have the convenience of buying David Jones brand of shapewear online.

Global Bras N Things

Girl in shapewear

Global Brasnthings is another leading name in fashion lingerie and women’s apparel with over 172 stores across the nation and South Africa and New Zealand. The brand offers the innovative range of playwear, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear that comes with high-style, best elements and comfort. Designers at Bras N Things create a wide array of styles continuously to have you covered for every aspiration that you may have.


Bellabodies is another well known Australian brand with over a decade of experience and expertise in the art of women’s apparel with the specific emphasis on shapewear and bamboo collections. To enjoy a super comfy and great fit, Bellabodies has risen to be the go-to destination for Australians.

I Do

I Do bring over ten years of experience as a go-to destination for brides in particular. Apart from the state of the art shapewear in the Australian market, you will find plenty of other useful information here to make your big day truly special.

Fantastic Lingerie

Fantasie lingerie is a European brand, and you can use this store locator to find a store nearest to you. They produce as many as seven brands and are available in more than 20 countries around the globe.

While the shapewear products to help you to give the perfect looks, you should also spare a thought to when and how to use it. Here is a useful resource that will keep you informed about various health risks associated with shapewear.

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Bridal hair accessories are becoming more on trend, where to find the best ones

The wedding bells are on! Is love in the air or on your hair? Hope it is both because, on this big day, your wedding dress is most likely going to be a show stopper, but it is important to also make your hair a part of your accoutrement and also should be inclusive to the jewelry you wear because hair is always an exquisite accessory. This is vital because the feel of the cool air on your face and the wind blowing through your meticulously done hair as you walk down the aisle will be the most mind-blowing experience you will have on your day.

Most brides start early before their day disciplining their beauty regime like a prayer recited every day, why not? It is your big day, your hourglass figure should be perfect for the dress, and the makeup on fleek because no one wants to show up for their big day looking like a clown. Why go through all that hustle and forget to perfect your hair? A good accessorized hair is an assurance to resonate you with the goddess herself. Flaunt your pretty self by glowing naturally during your big day.

Are you a classic, bohemian or vintage kind of bride? When choosing the right jewelry to accessorize your hair ensure that you do not balk out at anything, even that which remotely resembles something Duchess Kate would fancy. When choosing your hair accessory, ensure that it fits your style. Personalize it. Are you a barefoot kind of beach bride? A flashy starfish hair comb or orchid flowers would suit you best. For the minimalistic brides, a classic style would be a mojo. For the bohemian and oh! Romantic girls, a handcrafted design would fancy your tastes.

The wedding dress should also be prioritized when hunting your accessories. If your dress is meek without any forms of superfluities, it opens doors to choosing larger than life accessories but an embroidered dress cuffs you into specific colors and designs. For the luxurious brides, a gold hair accessory is a favorite. Not only are they a jaw-dropping sight, but also flow best with off-white, ivory and champagne wedding gowns. Gold flirts with any hairdo or color. So, whether you are a dark goddess, a blonde princess or a ravishing redhead, do not flex, gold is perfect for you. Don’t just make up your mind on your hair accessories, change it up. Give your hair an updo, make it classy and sassy. Have fun and revel in your hair and make sure your hairstylist is the crème de la crème.

After the excruciating task of choosing a hair accessory that best suits your preferences, it is also important to make a choice on the nitty-gritty details such as pins, a humongous clip for side sweeping your hair or drape a regal maang tikka onto your forehead.

Headbands are definitely the trend du jour because they complete the bridal ensemble. They are practically similar to a bride gown since they allow brides to play it dramatically while still maintaining that classy and beautiful style. Headbands can be dainty and understated to give you a traditional look or gift you with a binged glitzy look. Pearls for the vintage-die hard, worn alone specially crafted for the modern woman while oodles of crystals for the glam brides. Whatever your choice is, a headband is at all times going to add a crown of sparkle. They can be thick, simple or ornate all you have to do is astutely select your fancy.

Channel your inner fairy queen with an array of headbands that can be worn with any length or differently styled hair, whether with bangs or not. Their versatility allows you to wear your hair up or down, half up or half down and can be decorative and functional as well to keep your hair where you want it all day while giving an extra romantic oomph around you and take you from gorgeous to overwhelmingly mesmerizing.

The days when hair accessories were limited to clips, combs and pins are a tale of the past.

Most brides have embraced the culture of headbands which are now available in different styles:

Customized headbands: handcrafted hair accessories made of pearls, crystals, gold, silver and rhinestones.
Classic headbands: hair accessories that were created over eighty years ago but also look very chic when paired with any modern regalia.
Floral headbands: made with small flowers mostly accented with a rhinestone to give you a glamorous look.
Trending headbands: these are mainly the fascinators. Worn by Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice and any other royals you can account for who walked down the aisle. It is embroidered with beads, crystals and ribbons.
Vintage: simple and easily accessible accessories. They are mainly a reinterpretation of elegances from the past.

Australia has a lot of retail accessory shops that can offer you a diverse choice of your taste and preferences:

Stephanie Browne in Austalia wide – offers luxurious, elegant (Swarovski crystals and pearls) and stylish (feathers, rhinestones and glass beads) unique pieces that range in color (gold, silver, rose gold and rhodium silver) , size and details such as the Delma Art Deco headband, vintage that is priced started at $245.

Jeanette Maree, Victoria – handmade designed and handcrafted attractive and faux pearls from Swarovski elements to suit all bohemian, bucolic industrial, vintage allure and timeless brides. Worth range from $32-$980.

Alannah Hill, Victoria- avails to your pocket-friendly offers that will not only save your money but also gives you a chick look and camouflages well with your wedding gown. Simplicity and taste. Their Riviera Royalty Fascinator headband goes at $49.

Tania maras, Victoria – an eponymous line that offers unique and bold Bohemian Lux contemporary bride accessories that are custom made for ladies that have the elegant touch of exquisite, unique and modern craft-manship of effortlessly cool luxurious bridal Fayette delicate wedding Halo priced at $365.

Forever New, South Australia- offers a range of playful headbands that guarantees you glamour and style. Their products are embellished, to offer you that opulent finish you have been hankering for your wedding. Their Ariel side Orchid Fascinator will cost you $34.99.

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